Friday, February 21, 2014


By Kimberlye Parker

How can we call a flock of Crows murders? I was perplexed with how Crows had gotten stuck with such a harsh title? According to PBS Nature show, they are called “Murders” simply because they eat EVERYTHING! Including dead remains. What is not said is we humans are the reason for these dead bodies. Not the crows. In fact they are in a sense cleaning up our mess. After learning of this mislabeling of the Corvidae family, I wanted to redirect the facts. It wasn’t until our guest speaker Dr. Janie Miller, a poet, came and spoke to our class about the art of poetry and how we can use poetry to give things new meaning. I was hooked; this is how I would share my disdain for the way I feel crows are mislabeled. Here is the truth of the Corvidae family displayed in my poem.


How dare you labels us & say its because of how we live
We are simple,
We eat
Trash, garbage, leftovers
Eating what’s been casted away or forgotten
What its there, when its there
Fresh, rotten, new, or old
Nothing is ever wasted
We even do as you say
Reduce, reuse, &recycle
 What of this suggest we are murders
We partake of those that have fallen upon death
Fellow sprits lost to roads
Frozen by the cold
Killed at sea
We even digesting those pesky insects
That not everyone can see
Yet, you still label us
How can that be
When our favorite foods are things you waist
O’ wait it must be the Cheetos we stole
Hoping you did see
What else could it be
Maybe murder means something else to thee
Because we are bird maybe we just don’t see
This could maybe be
Yet, there were countless times
That my ancestors had seen
When there was nothing but dead human bodies
Left out for all to see
At sea, on land, and even in the trees
It was not us who cover the world with
All these dates reminders of
Pain, loss, and tragedy
We never slayed our neighboring countries
Because they wouldn’t share their goodies
Or speak to our deities
Then don’t forget color was also a key
When black and white couldn’t be
All these lost sprits lost but
Not a one was due to the
Corvidae family

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