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Raven Wall by Tony Angell ( source:
                  On Monday February 24th 2014, our Scientific Journey class that is focused on crows met a much respected local artist Tony Angell.  He is known for his fantastic sculpture work of wildlife, in particular birds. He also has illustrated books on crows in collaboration with Dr. John Marzluff. 
Before class started I walked up to Mr. Angell and asked him if I could have a one on one conversation with him after the class, so we met up and I had a chance to ask him some questions I was curious about.

During the class discussion we found out that Tony Angell was born and raised in Southern California at a time when the world was still full of lots of valleys covered in gorgeous blooming nature. As he grew up he was always fascinated with the nature around him, especially birds. Ever since he was a child he would always collect dead birds to learn more about their bodies as well as the different layers that were within the bird. When he started his college career at University of Washington with a full ride track scholarship, he started noticing the beautiful natural natures of the North West. Since he fell even further in love with the nature of the North West he started doing more art and this led him to getting into the Forster White Gallery, which is one of the top galleries in Seattle Washington. As Angell continued to experience great things in life from things like being a high school English teacher to being a father, he continued to pursue his passion in art. During the class meet up, Tony Angel said one thing that stood out to me. He said, “If there is something you are passionate about, do not wait for someone to write you a check for it. Find a way to get it out into the world on your own”.-Tony Angell

I found this quote to be very artistic because it is so true. To me, when I heard him say this, I told myself that he is telling me if I want something then I need to get off my butt and do it myself. And if I am passionate about something and want the world to know it, find a way to let them know it. And mainly, do not give up if you are truly passionate about something because it can change your life in so many ways once you express to the world how much it means to you.

Some Questions I personally asked Mr. Angell were:
Kiona Hampton showing Tony Angel, the advance of her art project.
(Photo by Jintana Lityouvong)

“What was on your mind when you are sculpting?”
He responded by saying that when he sculpts he is always in a different place and it feel like time doesn’t exist because it passes by so quickly. Also, that it feels good to work with his hands and physically touch and see progress as the time passes. 

“What is your favorite part to sculpt on a bird?”
He responded by saying the wings are very difficult and fun to sculpt but the feet of the bird are his favorite part because they hold all of the bird’s attitude within them.

“Have you ever tried to get your family involved in artistic things?”
He responded by saying that his daughters were already artistic in their own way but he did try to get them to work on some illustration’s for his books here and there. And that they are all very good people to go to for opinions because they look at his art work with more passion.

After I walked away from this inspiring man, I noticed that each person has a talent that can be shared with the world and there is no better way to do it than with passion and love.  And I am truly honored that I had the chance to meet one of those passionate people.

Thank you Tony Angell for coming to speak to our class. It means a lot to know that people who are full of passion and mental strength exist in this world. Thank you!

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