Thursday, March 6, 2014



For my final project I am making a canvas painting on the different perspectives of crows in various cultures. The painting will show how some cultures like the modern western view the corvids in more nefarious and negative way, while other cultures like some Native American hold them in a higher regard and respect them. 

Before I spent time studying crows I viewed crows as many people in a modern western society would view them. With the use of crows and ravens in literature and film reinforcing that association to death it would be hard to view them in any other way in today’s society. Once I learned that some cultures didn’t view them like us and in fact held them in high regard, I had some inspiration for a piece of art.

I have divided my canvas into two sides with one side full of darker colors like red and black while the other side has lighter colors like blue and green. I also have a crow in the middle of the canvas with half of it in the dark side and half in the light side. There is also a crow in the upper left and lower right. This symbolizes how corvids are not only seen in the common negative manner but also the positive views on them.

These pictures show the practice of painting the background and the crows since I have never used paint before. The final piece will be a combination of the two pictures.  I would also want to say how enjoyable painting could be. I am not an artistic person and usually don’t find doing art of any kind pleasant. I was surprised when I learned that when painting was actually a little fun. So if you don’t like doing art at all you might want to give painting a try!

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